This form should be completed to request a new, or to renew an existing courier permit. All requests for courier permits must be approved before they are processed, denied requests will not be processed. Each Courier permits will be recharged $200.00 per month. Each permit must be justified to be issued.

Departments requiring Courier Permits need to complete a justification for each Courier Permit requested. Departments needing an access card for Parking Structure 1 to go with their Courier permit will be assessed a processing fee of $20.00 per access card requested. Courier permits used fraudulently or which are recorded as violating time limits may be confiscated and/or disabled by Parking Services.

Courier permits must be used with a valid A, B or D permit. They can also be used with UCDH Fleet vehicles and Zipcars. Courier parking is limited to a 3 hour daily maximum unless otherwise posted. The courier permit does not substitute as a parking permit, or authorize private vehicles to park in spaces other than what is designated with their personal permit or marked courier stalls.

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