Taking carpool or vanpool to work? You are not stuck!

In the event of an emergency that requires you to leave work, you can obtain transportation at no charge to get home. The Guaranteed Ride Home program allows for taxi transport home if you are 20 miles away from work. If your commute is greater than 20 miles, a rental car can be obtained at no cost to you. This great service is available six times per fiscal year to assist when the need arises to get home if you have taken an alternative commute option to work. This option is available to those who carpool or vanpool into work.


The Guaranteed Ride Home program is administered through the Sacramento TMA (Transportation Management Association) which has established guidelines for its use. This program can be used if:

  • An immediate family member suffers an emergency and you can't wait for your normal ride.
  • A serious problem arises at your child's school or daycare center.
  • Your home or property is damaged by burglary, fire, etc.
  • You are sick and can't wait for your normal ride home.
  • Your ridesharing partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home.
  • Unscheduled, approved overtime.

To access this benefit, go to the Sacramento TMA Web Site, at www.sacramento-tma, to obtain the Guaranteed Ride Home Voucher.

You may NOT use the Guaranteed Ride Home for the following reasons:

  • Personal errands
  • Medical or dental appointments.
  • Business travel
  • Job related injuries
  • A natural disaster (floods)
  • Missed ride home
  • Other reasons deemed invalid by program administrator