As a Green Commuter, if you need to leave work early for an emergency, you are not stuck! UC Davis Health has partnered with 50 Corridor TMA + Sacramento TMA to bring additional transportation benefits to our employees and students in the Green Commuter Program.

The Guaranteed Ride Program will cover trips to or from work in the event of an emergency. These rides must be commute-related, so origin or destination should be your work address. This great service is available up to 5 times per calendar year to assist when the need arises. 

All Green Commuters are eligible to register with Sacramento Region 511. The Sacramento Region 511 website also provides an interactive way to track your daily trips throughout the year and see what impact your efforts have on the environment.

Register now at to access this benefit.

Learn How to Redeem a Guaranteed Ride (PDF)


The Guaranteed Ride Program is administered through 50 Corridor TMA + Sacramento TMA which has established guidelines for its use.

Your ride can be arranged through:

  • Yellow Cab - for trips under 20 miles
  • Lyft/Uber - for trips up to $50 (including tip)

If you use Uber or Lyft, you’ll need to pay for the ride and then send in the official receipt via the Uber or Lyft app. If you utilize Yellow Cab, you do not need to pay anything (but you will need to print and sign a voucher). 

General reasons when you can redeem a Guaranteed Ride:

  • You are sick
  • You need to pick up a sick child from daycare or school
  • Your carpool was canceled
  • You are having trouble walking or biking (inclement weather, flat tire on bike, etc)
  • Bus/Train is more than 15 minutes late
  • Unscheduled overtime
  • Family emergency

General reasons when you cannot redeem a Guaranteed Ride:

  • You are running late
  • You're tired and don't want to take the bus/train or bike
  • Your car is in the shop and you don’t want to use an alternative mode
  • Personal errands
  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Business travel
  • Other reasons deemed invalid by program administrator

Questions? Visit for more information.