Denis Dwyre, M.D. - Director
Carol Marshall, M.D.
Mingyi Chen, M.D.
Ralph Green, M.D.
Joo Song, M.D.

Lymphoma evaluation is performed on tissue specimens and peripheral blood in cases of suspected lymphoma. The evaluation requires that tissue MUST be submitted FRESH (without fixative). The evaluation includes electron microscopy, B & T cell typing, cytogenetics, immunoperoxidase histochemistry, touch preparations for special stains, and light microscopy, employing a number of different fixatives.

Lymphoma evaluation is available by advance arrangement with the anatomic pathologist on call, the Immunopathology Laboratory supervisor (ext. 4-3824) during regular working hours. A lymphoma packet, available from the Department of Pathology (Davis Campus ext. 2-2710, and UC Davis Medical Center ext. 4-2525), gives detailed information about the evaluation.