Our faculty and residents are leaders in diversity research, including cultural psychiatry, social determinants of mental health, structural racism, and immigrant and refugee mental health, to name a few.

Areas of diversity research

Our faculty and residents have interests in several areas of diversity-related research, including the following:

  • Cultural psychiatry
  • Social determinants of mental health
  • Structural racism in psychiatry
  • Social injustice and mental health
  • Refugee mental health
  • Immigrant mental health
  • LGBTQ+ mental health care
  • Mental and physical health needs of human trafficking survivors
  • Aging-related health inequities

Selected publications

Our faculty and residents are active in writing and publishing in psychiatric and health care journals on diversity topics. Following is a list of some of the publications from present to 2018:

Chaka Batley, Katherine Chon, Ashley Garrett, Jordan Greenbaum, Elizabeth Hopper, Laura Murphy, Jessica Peck, Elizabeth Pfenning, Rachel Robitz, Hanni Stoklosa. Report: Core Competencies for Human Trafficking Response in Health Care and Behavioral Health Systems, National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center, February 2021.

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Nguyen, H., Hinton, L. Applying Buddhism to enhance the skills and well-being of interventionists in a clinical trial to support family caregivers of persons living with Alzheimer’s disease in Vietnam. Social Work Journal of the National University of Mongolia, Special Issue: Integration of Diversity and Culturally Sensitive Practices in Social Work, 34-40, 2020.

Rote S, Angel J, Hinton L. Characteristics and Consequences of Family Support in Latino Dementia Care. J Cross Cult Gerontol. 2019 Dec; 34(4):337-354

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