The combined Family Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Training Program at UC Davis is one of the oldest combined family medicine/psychiatry residency training programs in the nation. Starting in 1995, the UC Davis Family Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Training Program seeks to train physicians who will practice both family medicine and psychiatry. Our goal is to improve the physical and mental health of our community, both globally and locally, by providing residents with diverse and foundational family medicine and psychiatry opportunities to learn and grow as clinicians. We hope to prepare and inspire our residents to make a difference in the world through research , education, advocacy, and clinical practice. The curriculum of the five-year program follows guidelines published jointly by the American Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology but also includes unique curriculum that integrates the two fields.

The objective of our combined training in family medicine and psychiatry is to produce physicians with broad-based training in both specialties and also to accommodate our individual residents’ specific interests within these two fields. As such, residents focus on outpatient community-based care of acute and chronic primary care and psychiatric illnesses from postpartum depression and attention deficit disorder to diabetes mellitus and congestive heart failure. They also become comfortable with inpatient medical care, inpatient psychiatric care, and emergency care in both fields. At the conclusion of training, graduates are eligible to sit for the board examinations of Family Medicine as well as Psychiatry. Graduates of combined training may be expected to develop practices which take advantage of the joint-training experience, serve as consultants in liaison psychiatry or family practice, develop a career in international medicine or rural medicine, practice addiction medicine or be actively involved in research or administration in Family Medicine and/or Psychiatry.

The combined program is a 60 month (five-year) experience coordinated jointly by the Departments of Family and Community Medicine and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Both are fully accredited residency programs. The combined program has been endorsed by the institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee and the Boards of Family Medicine and Psychiatry and Neurology. Shannon Suo, M.D. is the training director in coordination with Alan Koike, M.D. in Psychiatry and Sarah Marshall, M.D. in the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program.

If you are interested in an elective rotation to explore a possible career in integrated Family Medicine and Psychiatry we offer a four-week elective rotation (Psych 419) for fourth year medical students through VSAS opening in mid-April. If you are interested in learning more about our program, please feel free to contact us for details.

Shannon Suo, M.D.
Training Director
Combined Family Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program

Rachel Robitz, M.D.
Associate Training Director
Combined Family Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program

Sarah Marshall, M.D.
Family and Community Medicine Residency Training Director

Alan Koike, M.D.
Psychiatry Residency Training Director