Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Clinical Rotations

Block 1:  July to Oct Block 2:  Nov to Feb Block 3:  Mar to June
1st Year
Site 1 - PEDN
Site 1 - ADHD
Site 1 - OUTPT
Site 1 - EDAPT
Site 1 - EDAPT GT
Site 1 - SATC
Site 1 - ISU
Site 1 - OUTPT
Site 5 - SCP
Site 1 - OUTPT
Site 3 - HOH
Block 1:  July to Oct Block 2:  Jan to June  
2nd Year
Site 1 - OUTPT
Site 1 - PDD Clinic
Site 2 - CAPS
Site 1 - CL Service, UCDMC
Site 1 - OUTPT
Site 2 - CAPS
Site 4 - CL Service, Shriners
Key:  Rotation Name/Site Location
Site 1 ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Clinic
Site 1 C/L Service, UCDMC Consultation Liaison (UC Davis Medical Center)
Site 1 EDAPT EDAPT Clinic (UC Davis Behavioral Health Center)
Site 1 EDAPT GT EDAPT Adolescent Group Therapy (UC Davis Behavioral Health Center)
Site 1 OUTPT Outpatient short- and long-term psychiatry clinic (UC Davis Childrens Behavioral Health Center)
Site 1 PEDN Pediatric Neurology (UC Davis MIND Institute)
Site 2 CAPS Sacramento County Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services Clinic
Site 2 ISU Inpatient Stabilization Unit (Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center)
Site 2 SATC Sacramento Assessment and Treatment Center (Quality Group Homes, Inc.)
Site 3 HOH Heritage Oaks Hospital
Site 4 C/L Service, Shriners Consult Liaison at Shriners Hospital
Site 5 SCP Sutter Center for Psychiatry
Elective - ERC Elective -  Eating Recovery Center 
  Elective - FT  Elective - Family Therapy at CAPS 
  Elective - PSTP Elective - Individualized Psychotherapy at CAPS
  Elective - Research Elective - Research (sites may vary depending on project)
  Elective - SACHI Elective - Sacramento High School - Student Counseling 
  Elective - TWC  Elective - Transcultural Wellness Center (Asian Pacific Community Counseling) 
  Resident Vacation Vacation and leave requests are submitted to the training office at least five working days prior to the first day of leave. Each site may have specific guidelines and take precedence over the five day time frame. For instance, clinical rotation sites may require six weeks or more advance notice whereas other rotations may not require that long. Each resident must coordinate their leave covereage with fellow residents and have it signed off by the clinical site director(s), the residency coordinator, and the program director.