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In accordance with the most recent Sacramento County Public Health Order, we are seeing patients for "chronic conditions, preventative services" and "elective procedures".  This includes all of our Sports Performance and Wellness assessments and Nutritional counseling.  

For questions or to make an appontment, please call us at (916) 734-6805.  Please don't neglect your health!

Whether you are a weekend warrior, age-group competitor, or elite athlete, the ability to accurately measure performance variables is critical in optimizing your training as well as  assessing its effectiveness and reducing your potential for injury. 

Our Sports Performance program offers a variety of assessments to help you get the most out of your hard work. 

Measure, modify, improve.


Performance testing

From VO2max to lactate threshold, we understand how to perform, interpret and apply the results of your test.  Whether you are looking to find your aerobic threshold, VO2max, lactate threshold, metabolic efficiency, FTP, OBLA, MLSS, FatMAX or aren't really sure what it all means, we have the expertise to help you select the best assessment and utilize the data to improve your training.

bike measurements

Bike fitting

No matter whether you are looking to improve your performance, fix your (fill in the blank) pain, or just be more comfortable on the bike, we have almost 20 years of experience with medically-based bike fitting to help you out.

Functional movement screen

Injury risk assessment and prevention

With an emphasis on the underlying fundamentals of movement and motor control, we look to  provide you with insight in to where you may be at risk and help you chart a course towards a more robust you.

First move well, then move often.

DXA Body Composition

Body composition

Featuring Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scanning, our body composition services can help guide competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike in their training and nutritional approach.

Body fat, lean mass, muscle and bone density all play an essential role in both sports performance and optimizing health. 

Comprehensive fitness assessment

Putting the peices together.  Includes DXA body composition, resting metabolic rate, functional movement and cardiovascular exercise testing.  An optional nutirition consult with our Sports Dietician is available as an add-on.

All services are available to the general public.

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