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Frequently asked questions

The following representatives do not have to register in Reptrax:

  • Clinical Engineering Representatives
  • Building Contractor Representatives
  • Third-Party Payer Representatives (Auditors)
  • Clinical Trial Monitors
  • Delivery Services (i.e. FexEx, Amazon, Pizza Hut)
  • Representatives with a UC Davis printed badge

These representatives should contact the department that extended their invitation for additional details

No. Suppliers who are performing contractually obligated services may receive a UC Davis Health issued badge. These representatives do not have to register in Reptrax, but must have proper identification and are still obligated to follow all applicable federal, state and University rules. They are also prohibited from making sales visits while on site for other official business unless they have an appointment and check-in to Reptrax.

Maybe. Based upon the type of representative, various credentials, vaccinations and certifications may be required. A Reptrax registration fee paid directly to Intellicentrics may also be required for some suppliers. Please contact Intellicentircs directly for additional information.

Yes. Representatives can check-in and check-out at one of our physical kiosks or by using the Reptrax (SEC3URE) mobile app. When using the app, representatives should select the mobile kiosk that has been created for the facility they wish to visit. Representatives may check-out from the mobile app even if they checked-in at a physical kiosk and vice versa.

For visits to the UC Davis Health locations on the Sacramento campus, Reptrax physical kiosks are located at the following locations:

  • Main Hospital Pavilion Information Desk
  • Ellison Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), East Entrance Information Desk
  • Same Day Surgery Center
  • Cancer Center
  • Clinical Engineering Office
  • Facilities Support Services Building (FSSB)

Yes.  If a representative wants to visit a location different than the one indicated on their Reptrax badge, they must check-out of the current location and check-in to the new location to print a new badge. This is the only way for their badge to be compliant for the new visit.

Yes, but only with the department’s approval and they cannot use it for commercial purposes. UC Davis policy and procedure manual 270-25

Applicable vendor/supplier policies are available in the Reptrax application and must be acknowledged as part of the registration process. Copies of applicable policies and procedures are available upon request from the Supply Chain Management office. Employees can view policies through the UC Davis Health intranet (employees only).

No. Representatives may not provide gifts or giveaways of any nature (pens, note pads, coffee/coffee mugs, gift cards, etc.) to UC Davis Health workforce members during their visit. For additional information about the gift rules conflict of interest (COI) policies, visit the compliance conflict of interest webpage.

Please turn them away and request that they register/check-in using Reptrax. University policy requires workforce members to enforce our vendor/supplier policies, which may include refusing entry into their department for missing or non-compliant Reptrax badges or for visiting without an appointment.

Yes. Representatives are allowed to visit UC Davis Health at the request and invitation of our personnel. Departments can revoke that invitation at any time and ask them to leave if the representative is not following the unit’s policies or is disrupting business operations. Furthermore, departments may implement additional rules for supplier on-site visits that exceed University standards in order to meet the individual needs of each location. Representatives who fail to comply with University/department policies or legal/regulatory requirements are subject to reprimand, up to and including termination of visiting privileges.

Remember, the presentation of products and services by a representative at UC Davis Health is a privilege, not a right.

For more information about the UC Davis Health Vendor Access Program, contact the Supply Chain Management team at 916-734-2475.

Off-Campus sites without Reptrax badge printing capabilities are responsible for developing a process to badge/identify vendors or suppliers who have successfully checked-in to Reptrax. For example, a department may provide a temporary or reusable badge to representatives who have successfully checked-in to Reptrax using the mobile application. Sites should confirm that the representative has checked-in to the correct UC Davis Health location and has an appointment prior to allowing the representative to visit.