There’s a network of people out there who may be ready and willing to be your living kidney donor. All you have to do is reach out to them – but that can feel like an overwhelming task.

That’s where your living donor champion comes in.

The role of donor champions

Your living donor champion is someone ready to take up the charge to help teach others about your condition and your transplant options. It can be difficult to ask someone to consider living donation. Many recipients in need of a kidney transplant are afraid to reach out, feel embarrassed or don’t know who to ask.

Your donor champion does this for you. They are your advocate – sharing your personal story and educating others about kidney disease, living donation, risks, outcomes and more – allowing you to focus on your treatment and health.

Champions reach out to friends, family members, work and faith communities – even strangers – to help educate and encourage them to consider living kidney donation, increasing the chance that a living donor may be identified. They can write letters, send emails, set up a Facebook community page, use Twitter to reach potential #kidney donors, and even host events on your behalf.

Your donor champion may be:
 • A close friend or family member who wants to help but who may not be able to donate
 • A child or parent who are too young or old to donate
 • A colleague who excels at organizing events
 • Someone who has already donated or received a kidney transplant, or their family members
 • Anyone willing to help

Living Donor Champion Flyer

Living Donor Champion Brochure

Interested Living Donor Champion, contact UC Davis Transplant Center at 916-734-2307 for an Information Packet