The decision to be a living donor involves careful consideration, and you can change your mind at any point in the process. The reasons will be kept confidential. Your decision to donate must be voluntary. Donors may not be paid directly or indirectly for donating a kidney. Consider discussing your decision with family and friends. You may want to explore your answers to the following questions:

  • Do I have enough information to make an informed decision?
  • Am I being pressured to be a donor?
  • What impact would donation have on my personal relationships?
  • Do I have enough support to assist me during my recovery?
  • How will potential expenses and/or lost wages impact me?
  • Am I prepared to deal with the possibility of recipient complications or loss of the organ?

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding living donation, do not hesitate to call the Transplant Center at 916-734-2307 or 1-800-821-9912 and speak with the living donor nurse coordinator.