Photo of Camille Cipri.

Camille Cipri 
Clinical Research Analyst IV  

Camille joined CHPR in 2005 and has worked on a large array of projects with varying scope and complexity. Working closely with principal investigators, Camille provides project management support and coordinates intervention RCTs involving interdepartmental and external teams and investigators. She oversees all aspects of the project during its lifecycle, including protocol development and implementation; hiring and training staff; managing tasks, timelines, resources, and costs; and results reporting and dissemination. Her skill set extends to data procurement, management, analysis, and drafting reports and journal articles. She also has experience conducting qualitative interviews and administering surveys.

Skill Set

  • Project and data management
  • Qualitative research and analysis
  • IRB submissions
  • Writing—reports, protocols, manuscripts, etc.
  • Database building (i.e., REDCap)

Research Interests

  • Physician-patient interaction and communication
  • Mental health


  • B.S., Biological Anthropology, University of California, Davis


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