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Research Themes

We play a unique role in supporting and fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations on important health services research topics.

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  • Informing clinical care and health policy

    The goal of our work in evidence synthesis and policy analysis is to support the alignment of clinical practice, health policy and healthcare reimbursement with evidence and value. To that end, we conduct research and analysis designed to have relevance to clinical practice, specific healthcare policies and healthcare costs.

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  • Healthcare quality and safety research

    Healthcare quality and safety research is critical to improving effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services in the U.S. We have focused on patient safety and quality across multiple levels and sectors of healthcare for over 15 years.

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  • Mental health and substance abuse research

    Our research is crucial to advancing tobacco cessation, addressing prescription opioid use and addiction issues and supporting mental health, such as through suicide prevention initiatives. Our researchers have been awarded millions of dollars in grants to perform mental health and substance abuse research, with support coming from federal and state agencies as well as foundations.

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