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CA Quits

Advancing novel population health strategies to address tobacco treatment inequities.

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CA Quits

A statewide project for health systems change to integrate tobacco treatment with a focus on health systems serving the diverse safety net population covered by Medi-Cal. Our overall goals are to 1) Develop cessation referral systems, 2) Support quality improvement projects, 3) Establish multi-level collaborations to increase Californian’s access to tobacco treatment services, and 4) Promote strategies for population health and health equity.

CA Quits is funded by the California Tobacco Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health

What we do

  • Promote the integration of evidence-based tobacco assessment and treatment practices, including connection with the Kick It California
  • Develop a health systems learning community and tobacco treatment network to improve, collaborate, and innovate with a common goal to work towards health equity
  • Generate collective impact for tobacco treatment with a multi-sector approach across providers, plans, and public health for adaptations at the local level
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