Moreen Sharma

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Photo of Moreen Sharma.Moreen Sharma
CA Quits PRIME Health Systems Coordinator

Moreen has been employed at UC Davis Health for approximately six years. Beginning in 2012, she joined Health Management and Education as a certified health education specialist where she facilitated patient-centered self-management classes and programs on topics such as tobacco cessation, blood pressure, weight management, physical activity, diabetes, and stress management.

In October 2018, she transitioned to a new role: PRIME Health Systems Coordinator for the CA Quits project at the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR).  As the PRIME Health System Coordinator, Moreen will work with California’s safety net hospitals to engage in health systems change to integrate evidence-based tobacco treatments and increase performance on tobacco related quality improvement metrics. Moreen is a certified tobacco treatment specialist and received her training at the Mayo Clinic. Her expertise in tobacco cessation is greatly valued in her new role. She brings passion and dedication to the work she does.