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Providers and Health Plans

CA Quits provides the following resources for providers and health plans interested in tobacco cessation and addressing tobacco treatment inequities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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    CA Quits Healthcare Systems Toolkit

    This toolkit offers key elements for integrating tobacco assessment and counseling practices using a brief intervention framework. Healthcare professionals and staff may use this to help with quality metrics or clinical services. Public health partners may use this to complement policy or program efforts.

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    CDC Putting Evidence into Practice in Tobacco Prevention and Control

    A helpful user guides is to help commercial tobacco control staff and partners implement evidence-based best practices by translating research into practical guidance. 

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    AAP Youth Tobacco Cessation - Considerations for Clinicians

    A valuable resource from the American Academy of Pediatrics to support all pediatric health clinicians in helping young patients quit tobacco use. This resource is designed to provide practical advice and considerations when addressing tobacco cessation. 

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    Medi-Cal Rx 101

    A helpful flyer for health providers on Medi-Cal tobacco cessation medication coverage and information on Medi-Cal formulary drug lists.

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    CA Quits - Ask, Advise, Refer Flyer

    An Ask, Advise, Refer tobacco cessation intervention script flyer for health providers on how to address tobacco cessation to patients.

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    CA Quits - Provider Flavored Tobacco Retail Ban Factsheet

    A factsheet aims to provide guidance for health professionals to support patients who use flavored tobacco products due to the recent California law making it illegal to sell most flavored tobacco products.

Videos/CME Modules
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    UC Quits CME Modules 1-8

    Brief eight 15-30 minute videos for staff by University of California faculty as “UC Quits.” Free continuing medical education credits available.

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    UC Quits Web Modules 1-8

    Brief eight 15-30 minute videos for staff by University of California faculty as “UC Quits.” These videos are for those who would like to learn more about tobacco cessation and do not need continuing medical education credits.