Four images side by side show a stack of books labelled "CHPR," the Sacramento skyline and river, the California State Capitol building, and current CHPR Director Courtney Lyles speaking into a microphone.

As we enter our 30th year in 2024, staff and faculty at the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research are reflecting on the Center’s accomplishments and looking forward to the future. We are excited to share more with you more about our history, programs, and future strategic direction throughout 2024.

CHPR has continually evolved as the scope of our interdisciplinary mission broadens. Today, CHPR comprises a robust community of health services and applied researchers, policy analysts/advisors, and an experienced staff who provide decision makers at UC Davis, across California, and in the U.S. with practice- and policy-relevant research findings.

The wrap-around research and training support provided by the Center has also developed over time, becoming a go-to resource for UC Davis researchers focused on health and healthcare.

“The Center for Healthcare Policy and Research is an indispensable resource,” said Alicia Agnoli, assistant professor of family medicine. “They have connected me to resources I didn't know existed, helping with everything from grant development and management, finding funding opportunities, connecting with collaborators, and really setting me up for success as a researcher.”


In 1994, UC Davis launched the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, with an initial focus was on the role of primary care in the healthcare system and the interrelationship between healthcare delivery, costs, and patient outcomes in primary care. In 2006, the Center was renamed the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research to reflect this expanded interdisciplinary mission to facilitate research, promote education, and inform policy about health and healthcare. As the Center continued to expand in the 2010s, we have seen lasting influence with the California legislature (such as leadership within the California Health Benefits Review Program) as well as the national policy (such as representation of the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force).

Looking Ahead

As we embark upon the 30th year in our history, we are well positioned to continue to influence health and healthcare practice and policy, especially since our goals of interdisciplinary science and action-oriented research are aligned with the needs and priorities of health and healthcare systems and government agencies. Furthermore, our engagement strategies with communities and stakeholders will continue to be essential to advance health equity and population health both locally and nationally.

“We are thrilled to celebrate 30 years in 2024,” stated Courtney Lyles, director of CHPR. “Throughout its history, CHPR has provided an infrastructure and community of support for applied and practice-oriented research programs, and we are excited to grow further in our next 30 years.”