Assistant Professor

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Toxicology Fellowship Director

Board Certification

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medical Toxicology

Medical School

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Emergency Medicine, University of California, Davis


Medical Toxicology, University of California, Davis

Research Interests

  • Toxicology


Levis JT, Ford JB, and Kuo AM. Intracranial Hemorrhage After Prehospital Administration of Intramuscular Epinephrine. J Emerg Med 2011; 40:107-10. Epub 2008 Aug 30.

Ford JB, Albertson TE, Owen KP, and Sutter ME. Acute Sustained Chorea in Children after Supratherapeutic Dosing of Amphetamine Derived Medications. Pediatric Neurology 2012;47: 216-218.

Ford JB, Amiri-Davani N, Diercks DB, et al. Effect of Low Osmolality Intravenous Contrast on Serum Osmol Gap in Adults. J Emerg Med 2013. Epub 2013 March 9.

Sutter ME, Clarke ME, Cobb J, Daubert GP, Rathore VS, Aston LS, Poppenga RH, Ford JB, Owen KP, and Albertson TE. Blood Leak Alarm Interference by Hydoxocobalamin is Hemodialysis Machine Dependent. Clinical Toxicology 2012; 50: 892-895.

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Additional Information

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