John Richards in emergency medicine receives School of Medicine's highest teaching prize

The 2019 C. John Tupper Prize for Excellence in Teaching, UC Davis School of Medicine’s highest award for teaching, went to John Richards, professor of emergency medicine. Created by the founding Dean of the School of Medicine, the prize recognizes sustained and enduring lifetime contributions to medical education and outstanding teaching.

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Is a nurse ever really on vacation?

Med Center ER nurse becomes lifesaving hero for Sacramento man

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Is there a better way to test for heart attacks in women in emergency departments?

Compared to men, women having a heart attack experience longer delays to diagnosis, receive less aggressive care and have worse outcomes.

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'Before I die' art project gives ED staff opportunity to publicly post dreams, wishes

The effort, launched in mid-March, gives busy ED staff the opportunity to reflect on their own mortality and publicly post an answer to the question, “Before I Die, I Want To ...”

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