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Sharing results transparently from the recent CommUNITY Feedback Survey is very important at UC Davis Health. To that end, you will now see below we have posted overall employee and physician results in the 11 core areas from the most recent survey. By August 31st, department leaders will have met with teams across the Sacramento campus to share unit-level results, begin listening, and start conversations about making focused improvements on concerns and low-performing themes. Your active participation in these ongoing discussions over the coming weeks and months is essential.

As you may know, there are now some new executive leaders at UC Davis Health. They are engaged and getting to know their teams. Along with current executives, they will be out and about in the weeks ahead, listening to employee and physician feedback directly to understand what improvements are needed in processes, quality, equipment, or other key areas. They want to help make positive improvements. Thank you to everyone for engaging in these efforts, speaking up, and helping build a stronger CommUNITY!

Questions? Email To request access to the results portal for a leader, please submit this web form.

 Table of Contents

Organization Scores

Survey Item

Employee Score

Employee and Physician Combined Score
1. In my work unit (my department), I feel comfortable voicing my opinions even when they are different from
3.75 3.76
2. I trust the person I report to. 3.96 3.97
3. I trust the people I work with. 3.95 3.98
4. Rude and unpleasant behavior is not tolerated at UC Davis Health. 3.69 3.69
5. I am satisfied with the recognition I receive. 3.52 3.52
6. I am able to allocate time for my well being.  3.55 3.52
7. I can be successful at UC Davis Health without compromising important aspects of my identity or culture. 3.93 3.92
8. UC Davis Health values employees from different backgrounds. 4.07 4.07
9. I feel like I belong at UC Davis Health. 4.01 3.99
10. I would recommend UC Davis Health as a good place to work. 4.02 4.02
11. I would recommend UC Davis Health to family and friends who need care. 4.11 4.06

Resource Center

Complete List of Resources (Link)

Browse all available support or search by Survey Area or Format. 

Portal Navigation Guide (PDF)

For managers and supervisors looking to access results and navigate the online portal from Press Ganey

Resource Sheets (PDF)

There are themed resource sheets for each survey item or area for improvement identified in the CommUNITY Feedback Survey. Developed by UC Davis Health subject matter experts, they offer actionable suggestions for leveraging your results to drive positive changes within your teams. While not exhaustive, they serve as a valuable starting point and may include practices you already utilize. To maximize their effectiveness, it is recommended to attend virtual support sessions (see below) and learn to tailor these techniques to suit the specific dynamics of your individual teams.

  • Recognition
  • Well-Being
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Welcoming Opinions
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Workplace Civility
  • Building Trust
  • Communication

Huddle Guide for Discussing Results with your Teams (PDF)

A roadmap to facilitate productive discussion and analyze progress as decisions are made.

CommUNITY Feedback Survey Results Webinar 

The recorded webinar from June 13 walks leaders through how to navigate the Survey Results Portal, effectively prepare for evaluating and sharing results with team members, and utilize results to establish and foster a culture of continuous listening. You can view it in three parts:

Recurring Office Hours with Employee and Labor Relations 

Presentations on relevant topics will take place every Wednesday at 12pm in the coming weeks. Managers and supervisors can check their emails from ELR for details.

Q&A Sessions with Organizational Excellence (Closed)

Drop in with questions about the CommUNITY Feedback Survey, results and available resources. Add the Zoom link to your calendar for the session you plan to join.

Tuesday, June 20 
Friday, June 23 
Wednesday, June 28
Wednesday, June 28
Thursday, July 6
Thursday, July 6
 11 a.m.  — 12 p.m.
   9 a.m.  — 10 a.m.
   4 p.m.  —   5 p.m.
   8 p.m.  —   9 p.m.
   6 a.m. —    7 a.m.
   2 p.m. —    3 p.m.


Presenting results: 5/8 c suite 5/22 med ctr mgmt 6/6 med staff leadership 6/7 nursing leadership 6/9 survey portal open to all leaders 7/14 amb care leadership late june high level results shared across ucdh leadership support 5/32 leader survey support resources, oe presents at elr office hours 7/8 resource sheets and other resources live on community feedback site 7/13 leader support webinar by oe 10-11am on zoom july-ongoing conversations continue with teams live open q&a session small group learning sessions with or elrs weekly office hours by theme consistent updates on outcomes throughout the year

About the Survey


Who gets access to results?
Managers and supervisors included in the org snapshot done at the end of 2022 will receive an email from PressGaney granting them access to their team’s results.

Can someone access results on my behalf?
Yes, survey sponsors will review requests and grant access appropriately for those who fill out this webform

Where can I get help with portal access and technical issues?
Review our Portal Navigation guide here or in the Resource Center PDF. If you’re still having trouble, email

Where can I direct any other questions about the CommUNITY Feedback Survey?
Email our inbox at

How can I stay up to date with all the resources, trainings and updates?
Bookmark this webpage and refer to the Next on the Timeline section.

Why is my Summary data blank?
UC Davis Health created a shorter custom survey this year which did not include the questions that would populate the Summary Dashboard tiles.  The Summary Page is visible so that you can view and download the Present Now report.

Why didn't I receive any results for my team?
This could have happened for a couple different reasons.  There are response thresholds in place to protect anonymity.  If your team is too small, or enough didn’t respond to a particular question, any response received would roll up to the next level in the organization hierarchy.  This means the responses of your team are included in the results of your supervisor or manager. In this case, you should request the results from your supervisor. Prepare to share those results following all of the recommended steps covered in the Post CommUNITY Survey Manager Webinar: Prepare, Share, Plan, Follow-Up. Recordings of the webinar, the slides, and each section are available in the Supervisor Resource Center on this page. You're encouraged to ask the following questions when sharing results, and use them to guide your Plan and Follow-Up steps of the post-survey process:

  • How representative are these results to our team’s experiences?
  • Does your individual experience align to these results? If it doesn’t, how do your experiences differ from these results?
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