The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis values volunteer clinical faculty as important partners in education. These individuals play a significant role in the mission to transform health care through nursing education, research and leadership. Volunteer clinical faculty are community volunteers who teach, mentor and precept School of Nursing students in various health care and community settings. The appointment constitutes a valuable way to utilize a volunteer’s interest on a part-time, non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, system-change research and clinical expertise.

Many School of Nursing volunteer clinical faculty are nurses, but experts from many other fields are also eligible, including social work, medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary medicine and law, among others. Generally, an advanced degree is required. Other skills may include policy expertise, significant public service, community leadership and collaborative research. Based on experience, volunteer clinical faculty are appointed at the rank of instructor, assistant, associate or full clinical professor.

Appointees must contribute significantly to Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing programs and their appointments should reflect important and even unique service to the university. The appointments are not used for political or honorary purposes. Similarly, reappointments and promotions should reflect continued university service. Appointees in this series must contribute annually by participating in teaching, research, mentoring, training or faculty development activities.

Volunteer clinical faculty appointments receive no university compensation. For an individual who is employed by the university, or who holds a salaried, clinical appointment paid by a UC Davis affiliated site, a concurrent Without Salary Appointment (WOS) must be made in the health sciences clinical professor series (See APM 278, UCD APM 278).

Types of appointments:

  • Preceptor or clinical instructor, volunteer series – Minimum of 20 hours of UC Davis Health or School of Nursing service per academic year. Teach on or off-site.
  • Assistant, associate, or clinical professor, volunteer series – Minimum of 50 volunteer hours of UC Davis Health System or School of Nursing service per academic year. Precept on or off-site.

Expectations may vary by expertise.

Volunteer clinical faculty must complete 20 hours of service to the School of Nursing with a combination of the following opportunities:

  • Small group facilitator for clinical courses — Nurse practitioner and physician assistant students at the School of Nursing spend class time working in simulation labs and clinical environments. Volunteer clinical faculty play a vital role in training and facilitating clinical experiences as well as provide knowledge on specific topics based on expertise. Volunteer clinical faculty can work closely with faculty members as facilitators for clinical courses.
  • Guest lecture in didactic courses — Volunteer clinical faculty can provide insight and knowledge in specialized fields within health care and share real world examples and training to students to promote a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Preceptor for clinical students — UC Davis has a long history of integrating clinical preceptorship with classroom education. The School of Nursing welcomes inquiries from potential preceptors in community settings who are interested in taking part in the education of physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Sites can be rural or urban and located anywhere throughout California. Potential preceptors may contact the school directly to obtain a preceptor application or learn more. School of Nursing representatives evaluate and make decisions on the approval of all clinical sites. For more information, click here.
  • Writing mentor for master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation work — Volunteer clinical faculty are matched with master’s leadership and doctoral students based on interests to serve as mentors for students on thesis and dissertation work.

Benefits as a volunteer clinical faculty member:

  • Collaboration with graduate students
  • UC Davis identification badge
  • Library privileges, including remote access to more than 20,000 online books, more than 50,000 online journals and other database resources
  • Select bookstore discounts
  • Campus activities and recreation center discounts
  • Email account
  • Eligibility for parking permit
  • Advanced degree
  • Current preceptors must precept students for at least one year prior to applying for volunteer clinical faculty status
  • Volunteer clinical faculty who receive appointment in a faculty series that requires teaching must demonstrate teaching previous experience (such as evaluations)
  • Current students are not eligible

Interested applicants should submit the following documents to

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Appointment proposal form (here)
  • Letter of Intent
  • Teaching evaluations (if applicable)
  • Primary verification of licenses and certifications to practice in your field
  • Background check authorization form (here)

Please note: volunteer clinical faculty positions are subject to the same background check policies as all UC Davis employees.

Once submitted, a School of Nursing team member will contact you within two weeks. Please contact the school with any questions.

Volunteer clinical faculty members must complete at least 20 hours of service to the School of Nursing per year. This can be fulfilled through a combination of guest lecturing, small group facilitating, preceptorship, mentorship, and/or research.

Please contact us at for upcoming opportunities for volunteer clinical faculty.