Fellowship program develops leadership and innovation capacity

Betty Irene Moore Fellow Alvin Jeffery talks with program faculty and other fellows. (c) UC Regents. All rights reserved.The three-year Betty Irene Moore Fellowship for Nurse Leaders and Innovators is a journey of leadership development and mentorship while completing an innovative project or study.

Fellowship curriculum is designed to develop leadership and innovation capacity, strengthen strategic thinking and collaborative skills and propel innovative ideas to fruition. Multiple modules are offered in collaboration with the UC Davis Graduate School of Management using a variety of modalities including group activities and individual activities.

The curriculum covers topics relevant to the program objectives across the entire fellowship, enabling fellows to apply this knowledge to their projects and leadership activities.

Curricular topics by program objectives

“The program is incredibly organized and well thought out and they have really planned for an exciting three year experience.”

— Lisa Duffy, 2020 fellow 

Curriculum topics include self-assessment and goal setting, strategic thinking, collaborative and situational leadership, building and leading effective teams, interpersonal relations, managing people, entrepreneurship, project communication and messaging, design thinking, negotiation and difficult conversations, developmental networks, anti-racist leadership and more.

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Program objectives
No. 1 — Understanding of self as leader and recognition that leadership entails lifelong learning.
No. 2 — Skills necessary to influence people for system change that improves health and quality.
No. 3 — Confidence and knowledge to take creative ideas to fruition.

No. 4 — Expanded leadership network to provide community and support advancement of ideas.

Curriculum for program objective No. 1

Leadership practices

Values and vision

Anti-racist leadership

Strategic thinking

Situational leadership

Leadership journey

Leadership commitments

Serving on boards

Curriculum for program objective No. 2

Building and leading teams

Meaningful feedback in diverse workplaces

Communicating with stakeholders

Negotiation skills

Translating research into policy

Managing up

Conflict resolution

Addressing structural racism

Curriculum for program objective No. 3

Human-centered design

Tech innovation in research


From Donner Pass to Silicon Valley

Microclimates for innovation

Curriculum for program objective No. 4

Developmental networks

Mentor relationships

Growing network

Optimizing networks

Networks for entrepreneurship

Canvas learning platform

All resources for the program — including calendars, templates for individual development plans and readings — are provided via an online platform called Canvas. This application also serves as a communication hub for learning modules, online discussions and collaborative work. Program faculty host learning activities such as interactive modules from the platform. Fellows submit quarterly reports and track overall progress using Canvas.