As alumni of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, you are the school’s most important asset and its greatest strength. As leaders in health care organizations, faculty at higher education institutions, members of primary-care teams and influencers within policy-making bodies, you illustrate how graduates fulfill the vision and mission of the school.

Through word-of-mouth support to promote the school and financial support to enable future students to benefit from the philanthropy that yielded your education, your involvement is critical to the future success of the school. Through your partnership, faculty, staff and students at the School of Nursing discover ways to advance health, improve quality of care and shape policy.

Alumni distinctions

Nursing graduate reunites with life-saving nurseNursing graduate reunites with life-saving nurse
Jason Ramos, a master’s entry nursing student who graduates in December, reunited with the registered nurse who saved his life in 2005 and then mentored him during clinical rotations.

Latest school news

Dec. 13 — Faculty and alumni team pen article exploring research methods
Heather M. Young, a professor at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, published an article in the journal Research in Gerontological Nursing with the research team that led a study of a nurse-led, technology-enabled intervention for people managing diabetes. The study looked at the effectiveness of nurse coaching combined with wearable devices for the individuals with diabetes to track their physical activity and other healthy behaviors. One component of the study compared the people who got the intervention with people who got “usual care” in primary care clinics to see if the intervention added a benefit. The researchers discovered the comparison was complicated because usual care is variable. A person with diabetes may get very different care from different clinicians; they may be referred to different resources; they may take advantage of different classes, all of which can affect the outcomes. The article, “Defining Usual Care in Clinical Trials,” discussed how to establish an understanding of usual care and the implications for further research. The research team included School of Nursing doctoral alumnae Sheridan Miyamoto and Deborah Greenwood, School of Medicine Associate Professor Madan Dharmar and retired research analyst Yajarayma Tang-Feldman.

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Upcoming events

Dec. 14: Master’s Entry Program in Nursing Pinning Ceremony
The completion of coursework and final exams is marked with a pinning ceremony and celebration.

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