Don't wait until the last minute— mandatory flu vaccine compliance Nov. 1


By Nov. 1, all UC Davis Health staff and faculty must receive their flu vaccination or submit a declination form. Those not in compliance will be escalated to Employee and Labor Relations and will not be permitted to work or train at UC Davis Health per Policy 2175.

Medical grade/surgical mask required for those who opt out vaccination.

Why Get Vaccinated

As flu season approaches, it's crucial to protect yourself and others. Employee Health Services is offering free flu vaccines to help prevent severe disease and hospitalization among staff, students, and faculty. Last year, our vaccination rate dipped to 79.9% due to overall vaccination fatigue. This year, our target is to achieve an 85% vaccination rate. Those who decline to receive the vaccine will be mandated to wear a medical-grade mask in all settings starting Nov. 1 throughout the entire flu season (typically through April).

Employee Flu  Vaccination Clinic 

Location: North Addition Office Building (NAOB), Room 1001
Dates: Now - Nov. 1
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Walk-in Basis: No appointment is needed
*You will be required to present your UC Davis Health badge*

Eligible Groups

  • Employees
  • UC Davis Medical Students
  • Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Students
  • Temporary Employment Services (TES) Workers

Opting Out of Employee Flu Vaccine Clinic

Employees can access QYK to submit:

  • Declination Forms
  • Vaccine records from a third party

Complete instructions and information can be found here.

Compliance Deadline - By Nov. 1, 2023, employees must have completed one of the following:

  • Received the flu vaccine through the Employee Flu Vaccine Clinic
  • Participated in the self-administration program with your department/unit
  • Received the flu vaccine from another facility with the record uploaded and approved in QYK
  • Declined to receive the vaccine via the online form

For more information, visit the Employee Health Services intranet webpage.
You can also download the Flu Vaccine Flyer here.

Please direct all questions to