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Student-run Clinics

For more than 50 years, the nationally recognized UC Davis affiliated student-run clinics along with our nonprofit partners have provided free health care to thousands of uninsured, low-income, and other under-resourced communities throughout Sacramento. Clinics operate on the weekends, serve several distinct patient populations, and our faculty and students are trained to provide culturally sensitive and competent care.

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UC Davis medical students and physicians make significant contributions to the health of underserved populations in the Sacramento area through their volunteer efforts at several community clinics. These clinics train students in delivering primary care services while simultaneously improving access to care in underserved communities.
  • Paul Hom Asian Clinic

    Paul Hom Asian Clinic

    Founded in 1972, the Paul Hom clinic provides both primary and acute care services for the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

    Paul Hom Asian Clinic
  • Clinica Tepati medical student volunteer

    Clinica Tepati

    Clinica Tepati was founded in 1974, with a focus on serving downtown Sacramento's medically vulnerable and undocumented Latino population. The clinic offers Spanish interpretation services, which enables volunteers to provide culturally sensitive care to thousands of patients every year.

    Clinica Tepati
  • Imani Clinic

    Imani Clinic

    Founded in 1994, the Imani Clinic in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood provides significant health care services for the African American/Black community, meeting critical health needs including high rates of hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and prenatal care.

    Imani Clinic
  • Shifa Clinic

    Shifa Clinic

    The Shifa Clinic promotes the health and wellness needs of a multilingual, ethnically diverse community, primarily serving patients from the South Asian and Muslim communities. The clinic provides interpretive and specialty services such as dermatology, cardiology, and women's health.

    Shifa Clinic
  • Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic

    Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic

    Sharing a space with Sacramento's Harm Reduction Services, the Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic provides a safe health care environment for intravenous drug users, sex workers, and their families – with an emphasis on prevention, infectious disease education, and HIV testing.

    Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic
  • Bayanihan Clinic

    Bayanihan Clinic

    Founded in 2002, the Bayanihan Clinic provides accessible primary and preventative health care services for Filipino immigrants and diverse, under-resourced communities throughout Sacramento.

    Bayanihan Clinic
  • The Willow Clinic volunteers

    The Willow Clinic

    Operating out of the Salvation Army facility near downtown Sacramento, the Willow Clinic provides health care screening and care services for individuals experiencing homelessness.

    The Willow Clinic
Partner Clinics
  • VN Cares

    UC Davis undergraduates and medical students launched the Vietnamese Cancer Awareness, Research and Education Society (VN CARES) in 2001. VN Cares offers preventative cancer screenings for patients every month.

  • Knights Landing One Health Center

    Established by Clínica Tepati students and Knights Landing residents, the clinic provides linguistically competent and culturally sensitive services to the rural under-resourced, agricultural community and their families. In partnership with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, veterinary services are also available at the clinic on the third Sunday of every month.

    Knights Landing One Health Center
  • Hmong Lifting Underserved Barriers (HLUB)

    The HLUB Clinic was formed to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services to the Hmong community. The clinic screens for breast, cervical, colon, and prostate cancers, in addition to Hepatitis B.

    Hmong Lifting Underserved Barriers (HLUB)
  • Gender Hormone Clinic

    Operating within Sacramento's Gender Health Center, the clinic helps provide gender affirming hormone therapy, STI testing, and PReP prescriptions to community members across California who would not otherwise have access to these medical services. The Gender Health Center provides a safe, supportive, environment for LGBTQQI community at every stage of the coming out or transition process.

    Gender Hormone Clinic
  • Nadezhda Clinic

    The Nadezhda Clinic strives to provide free health care to the under-resourced Russian-speaking community. The clinic provides interpretative services, focusing on providing culturally sensitive primary care.

    Nadezhda Clinic
  • Recognizing Illness Very Early and Responding (RIVER)

    RIVER is a mobile pediatric clinic providing free primary care and mental health services to under-resourced communities throughout Sacramento. Bringing care directly to communities in need along with school-based clinics, RIVER addresses acute illness and injury, chronic illness monitoring and health supervision, and provides screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences.

    RIVER Clinic