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Student Support Services

Comprehensive academic coaching, mentoring and career development resources help our students to thrive in medical school and beyond.

  • student wellness

    Student Wellness

    The Office of Student Wellness seeks to help our students achieve and maintain optimal physical and emotional health. The office offers a number of wellness resources, activities and events designed to support our students’ well-being.

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  • Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources

    Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER)

    OSLER provides comprehensive academic support, fosters a culture of academic excellence and promotes life-long learning. The office offers extensive services including workshops on effective learning techniques, study tools and resources, and exam preparation.

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  • Office of Student and Resident Diversity

    Office of Student and Resident Diversity (OSRD)

    OSRD works to create an environment of inclusion and respect and fosters the development of a physician workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the communities we serve. The office offers several community outreach programs for K-12 students and undergraduate and community college students to help cultivate an early interest in medicine and science.

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  • UC Davis medical students

    Office of Medical Education (OME)

    OME seeks to create a dynamic, patient-centered learning environment that prepares students to improve the health of the diverse communities they will serve as physicians, scientists and health care leaders. This interdisciplinary team of academic, technical and administrative employees provide our learners with centralized expertise, services and instructional resources.

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    Academic Coaching Program

    The Academic Coaching program provides:

    • Enhanced support through one-on-one coaching sessions throughout students’ medical education and training
    • Ongoing review of students’ academic progress, professional and personal goals, and assistance developing short- and long-term career plans
    • Assistance prioritizing students’ professional satisfaction and personal well-being
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  • specialty advisors

    Specialty Advisors

    Our renowned specialty advisors help guide our students through the specialty selection and residency application process. Advisors are selected by their departments to support students with the best career advice for their respective specialties.

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