UC Davis School of Medicine students have a number of options for structuring a research experience within the context of your medical studies.   It can take the form of brief independent study, a summer experience, a longitudinal experience within the medical school curriculum, or a second degree program (Master's Degree or Ph.D.). 

Options for students interested in research

1st Year Summer Research: for students interested in spending 4 or 8 weeks enhancing their medical training through direct participation in basic science, clinical investigation, or health care delivery research.

Post-Clerkship Research:

Students can complete longitudinal research projects during their post-clerkship curriculum.  Students can earn up to 8 weeks of credit towards graduation requirement for research.  Research courses can be schedule during the 3rd year selective rotation or as a 4th year elective.

3rd year selective rotation, click here for more information (please check back for the link)

4th year research elective, Click here for more information

TL1 Pre-Doctoral Clinical Research Training Program: for junior trainees interested in spending one year developing skills required for a career in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research relevant to human health.  This program provides the student with an opportunity to obtain an M.A.S. in Clinical Research.

MD/PhD: is a dual degree program (M.D./Ph.D.) designed to rigorously train physician scientists who anticipate an academic career in their chosen research field.

ARC-MDis a program designed to provide medical students with the foundational skills and professional development that promote a successful career as a physician scientist.  The five-year program provides students with research and career mentorship, special experiences, a unique curriculum, and community engagement within a supportive longitudinal learning community.