Outline for Medical Student Research Travel Awards

Purpose: To provide funding for medical student research presentations at regional or national meetings

Eligible Students: Enrolled in School of Medicine


  1. Abstract submitted and accepted reflecting student research
  2. Preference to MS1 research fellowship awards, 3rd year and 4th year research students, and T32 students
  3. Preference to abstracts in which the student is presenter
  4. If funding permits, students may be funded to attend meetings without an abstract, e.g. to become more familiar with area of research


  1. Maximum of $500 per student toward registration, travel expenses, and abstract preparation. Expenses beyond that the responsibility of mentor and student.
  2. Maximum of $1000 per student toward registration, travel expenses, and abstract preparation for students that have both

             a) An oral presentation by the student
             b) At a meeting outside of California

     3. Total of $20,000 per AY



  1. Students complete application for funding, including meeting information, abstract title (including all authors and affiliations), mentor’s name, anticipated expenses
  2. Funding approved based on above criteria
  3. Following meeting, student submits evidence of expenditures up to $500 or up to $1000 for an oral presentation and a meeting outside of California
  4. Funds disbursed

When requesting travel funding for research, professional development, or other scholarly activities, students must complete the following a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the travel date or the funding request deadline, whichever is earlier:

  1. Curriculum Permission:

        a. For MS1s and MS2s, complete the Pre-Clerkship Absence Request Form, in accordance with the Pre-Clerkship Attendance, Participation and Absence Policy.

        b. For the MS3s, complete the 3rd Year Absence Request Form, in accordance with the Clerkship Attendance, Participation and Absence Policy.

        c. For MS4s, request permission directly through your department/rotation supporting team (coordinator, director, and patient care team). 

                 Allowable Absences Guide

                 MS1/MS2         4 days per year

                 MS3                 2 days off from each 6-week clerkship

        MS4                 Usually a single day off on a 2-week rotation and 2-3 days on a
                                4-week rotation

  1. Email Registrar’s Office (hs-studentrecords@ucdavis.edu) to request a “Letter of Good Standing.” The Registrar’s Office can provide this only if you are in good academic standing.
  2. Submit required approvals to funding unit (eg. OSRD, research programs, etc.) in advance when able to. No funds will be distributed/expensed until approvals are in place. 

 Click here for application; Travel Awards Application (PDF)