Unexpected birth in UC Davis Medical Center parking garage

Life begins in Parking Structure 3 for baby Maverick


Auburn resident Madison Fritter thought she could make it. This was her second child and she thought she had more time. Her baby had other plans.

After her water broke in the middle of the night last month, Madison labored at home for about eight hours. Her contractions at home were far apart and very light when she headed to UC Davis Medical Center to deliver her baby.

“My contractions were moderate on the drive, but they picked up very suddenly only in the last few minutes of the drive. By the time my husband Michael parked the car, the baby was crowning,” Madison said.  

Walking into the hospital wasn’t an option. The baby was coming … and quick.

Michael and Madison’s sister Zoi sprang into action, grabbing blankets, pillows and shirts from the car to make a soft place to lie down. Madison’s mother was in a second car, bringing out sheets. A passing employee helped Madison get safely down onto the ground.

Within seconds, her baby boy was born and Zoi was there to catch him.  

Labor and delivery nurse and new mother Jenna Ricks heard a commotion in the parking garage and saw Madison lying right in front of her car.

When she realized Madison had just given birth, she stepped up to help.

“I am usually the one who runs to these situations, but on this day, I was just focusing on being a new mom. I didn’t think I would be helping someone give birth that day, but she needed help and it’s what I do,” said Jenna, who is a labor and delivery nurse at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial. 

Jenna helped with the delivery of the placenta and ensured that she was controlling blood loss. Meanwhile, Michael ran to the hospital front entrance for help. A security guard called the fire department to transport her into the emergency room. Jenna stayed with Madison until she was taken by gurney into the ER and saw that she was in good hands.

Baby Maverick was born 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

Baby Maverick was born 8 pounds, 2 ounces and is a healthy and happy baby boy, now at home with a unique birth story to someday tell.

“I’m thankful for Jenna,” said Madison, who said that they are now Instagram friends. “She really made sure that I was going to be okay. Everyone I encountered was there for me at the right time.”

Jenna said that the encounter was also life-changing for her.

She had just given birth a week before to her son Miles, who was very sick in the UC Davis Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“To be a part of this moment gave me the last bit of strength I needed to get through the rest of his hospitalization,” said Jenna.  Miles is now home and healthy. “If you believe in God or the universe, this was kismet. It was a celestial moment. She could have been anywhere, but she was right in front of my car.”

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