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Massie Family Clinic

Clinics and Programs

Providing comprehensive evidence-based assessments of children with possible neurodevelopmental disabilities.

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Massie Family Clinic

Clinics and Programs

The UC Davis MIND Institute provides comprehensive evidence-based assessments and intervention recommendations for children with possible neurodevelopmental conditions at our Massie Family Clinic. Over the past few years, we have expanded to serve more patients and keep wait times to a minimum. Our care team includes specially trained providers such as developmental pediatricians, pediatric dietitians, feeding therapists, genetic counselors, and social workers. We have also created a safe, supportive environment for children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities to receive COVID and flu vaccines.

Clinical Services
  • 22q Healthy Minds Clinic

    The 22q Healthy Minds Clinic has a team of experts that includes a developmental pediatrician and a licensed clinical psychologist. They offer clinical assessments specifically for individuals with 22q11.2 deletion (VCFS/DiGeorge) syndrome.

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  • ADHD Clinical Services

    The ADHD clinic is staffed by healthcare professionals from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The team includes child psychiatrists and licensed clinical psychologists who are experienced in this field and offer their expertise and support.

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  • Baby Steps Clinic

    The Baby Steps Clinic, also known as the High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic (HRIF), is a program at the UC Davis MIND Institute that checks how babies are developing from birth until they are 3 years old. The HRIF clinic gives extra care to babies who may have a higher chance of having delays in their development.

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  • Genomic Medicine Clinic

    Our clinics provide evaluation, education, and genetic counseling for patients of all ages with suspected or confirmed genetic disorders.

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  • Transition to Adulthood Clinic

    The Transition to Adulthood Clinic helps young people with neurodevelopmental disabilities ages 16 to 26 get the care they need. The clinic works together with the MIND Institute's doctors and staff to support young people and their families during their transition to adult healthcare.

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Clinic Programs
  • ADHD

    Behavioral Parent Education Workshops

    The ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) behavioral parent education workshops are designed to support parents whose children ages 4-11 engage in challenging and disruptive behaviors at home. Topics include the academic rights of children with ADHD, medication options and emotional regulation strategies. Workshops are offered in the spring and fall in 10-week sessions.

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  • ACCESS Program

    Developing Skills for Adults with Autism

    The ACCESS Program is designed for adults with autism. ACCESS stands for Acquiring Career, Coping, Executive Function and Social Skills. Its main purpose is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment where adults can practice and develop skills while enjoying social interactions and having fun. The program also focuses on life coping and planning skills. This empowers adults with autism to access opportunities in social settings, work or education, and the community.

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  • Social Skills Program

    Developing Social Skills for Children

    The Social Skills Program helps children with autism and social communication disabilities navigate the challenges of interacting with peers. This comprehensive program includes both a group for children ages 8-17 and a separate parent group that meets at the same time. Both are led by licensed psychologists. Sessions last 10-12 weeks and the curriculum is focused on personal growth and the development of skills such as engaging in back-and-forth conversation, friendship and making plans. The program is offered on a fee-for-service basis.

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  • Child Life Program

    Preparing your Child for a Visit at the MIND Institute

    Clinic appointments can be stressful for some children. The Child Life Program helps to minimize anxiety and discomfort by helping families prepare for and cope during visits. Child life specialists are developmental experts trained to provide evidence-based interventions such as therapeutic play, sensory-friendly tools and step-by-step visual guides to prepare for medical procedures like blood draws.

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