6 strategies to help strengthen kids, families


For more than 25 years, the UC Davis CAARE Center has been providing mental health services to children and families in Sacramento. Specializing in trauma and child abuse, the team strives to create an environment of safety, inclusion, and mutual respect incorporating each family’s culture, values, and beliefs.

Father with son playing with blocks and Playskool figures

“Our dedicated and passionate staff share a commitment to support families in making changes to improve their health, parenting and relationships,” said Michele Ornelas Knight, interim co-director of the CAARE Center.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The CAARE Center team shares six strategies that can help strengthen children and families:

  1. Connect and engage with your child through listening, affection, talking or play each day.
  2. Parents, take care of yourselves and reduce stress to build your capacity to parent.
  3. Strengthen family relationships to build a social network for emotional support.
  4. Build resources and connections for parenting support.
  5. Increase knowledge of parenting and child development.
  6. Help children know they are loved. Teach and encourage them to understand and manage their emotions. 

Find out more at the UC Davis CAARE Center by visiting the website. To make a donation, visit the general CAARE Center fund or support the CAARE Center’s family assistance fund.