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Down Syndrome Research Studies

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  • CC-DS

    Cognitive Change in Down syndrome and Intellectual Disability

    The purpose of this study is to understand when and how different aspects of cognition and behavior begin to change in both individuals with Down syndrome AND individuals with other intellectual disabilities. We are looking for subtle signs of cognitive and behavioral decline that could be present in the teenage or early adult years.

    • 15-25 years old
    • Down Syndrome or Intellectual Disability
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    Executive Function Early Evaluation in Down Syndrome

    The Language Development Lab is studying the best ways to evaluate executive function skills in young children with Down syndrome. The results from this project will help researchers select the best ways to measure change in executive function skills in future intervention research.

    • 2.5-7.99 years old
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    A Cognitive Test Battery for Intellectual Disabilities

    The purpose of the study is to explore whether certain types of intellectual or cognitive tests are reliable, valid, and sensitive to improvement in evaluating treatment responses among individuals with intellectual disability.

    • 4-25 years old
    • Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and Intellectual Disability
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