What is ECHO Autism?

ECHO is an innovative way to connect families with experts on autism care. The ECHO model is a teleconferencing program connecting our hub team of autism experts here at the UC Davis MIND Institute and practitioners at remote locations.

Community practitioners can join this program using a teleconferencing platform on their phone or personal computer from anywhere. Practitioners working in underserved and rural areas can have access to an interdisciplinary group of experts, receive training in understanding and treating issues related to autism, and participate in case conferences to promote their confidence in working with complex children and families.

The ECHO model has been reported to be effective in medical conditions where patients need specialized medical care, but there are not enough specialists. This model has been successfully applied for more than 85 conditions, including autism.   

How ECHO works

By using a teleconferencing platform our team of interdisciplinary experts will interact with community providers. Participants receive mentorship and practice-based learning by discussing real cases from their own practices. They also learn from a new didactic education each session.

Our group is a knowledge-sharing network; we all support and learn from each other with the purpose of providing best practices and excellent specialty care to children with ASD and their families in their own communities.

How practitioners benefit from this model

The ECHO Autism model provides you with longitudinal mentorship from a leading institution in education, research and autism care. You will receive autism experts’ advice for your patients in your own medical practice without wait time or traveling long distances.

Providers are awarded one and a half hours of Category 1 CME credits for their participation in each ECHO Autism Teleconferencing session.

What will I learn from the ECHO Autism Model?

The topics currently covered by the ECHO Autism have been developed with the purpose of training providers in understanding more about Autism.

Your participation in this program will increase knowledge on:

  • Evidence-based practices for screening, diagnosis and treatment of autism
  • Common medical co-occurring conditions
  • Common psychiatric concerns in children with autism

What do I need to participate in this program?

  • Internet access
  • A front-facing camera on smartphone, tablet, or computer

Why should ECHO Autism matter to me?

  • 1 in 54 children have autism
  • Many families do not have access to local experts
  • It is important to continue to narrow the gap in autism care based on demographics
  • It is a priority to decrease the time from first developmental or behavioral concerns to screening, diagnosis, and intervention
  • Many children with autism present with co-occurring medical issues like sleep issues, GI symptoms
  • Mental health issues are frequent in children with Autism
  • You can help us make a difference in autism care your community!

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