We have moved away (out of state or out of 2 hr radius)- can we still participate?

We will make our best effort to accommodate families who have moved out of our geographical area and are willing to travel to the MIND Institute. Please coordinate your visit with one of our clinic coordinators.

What happens if my child is not able to provide biological samples?

You can request an assistance kit for collection of urine samples and saliva samples. Your child may still participate even if no samples are provided.

What if I already participated when my child was between the ages of 8-12?

We hope that you will participate again when your child becomes between the age of 13-19.

Where do we go for the visits?

The clinic visits will take place at the main UC Davis MIND Institute building located at 2825 50th Street in Sacramento. Map and directions.

What are the costs to participating?

There are no costs to participating in our study.  You will receive compensation for your time and effort with our research study.

Will I receive results from my biological samples?

At this time, we cannot guarantee results from your biological samples.  Typically, what we look for in our samples is investigative in nature and we may not know the clinical significance.  If at any time, we become aware of a result with clinical significance that will be shared with you.

What if my child’s diagnosis has changed from when they participated in CHARGE?

Your child is still able to participate even if their diagnosis has changed.  One of the aims of the ReCHARGE study is to see the developmental trajectory of our children and how they have changed over time. 

What does the ReCHARGE Study participation look like during COVID?

Currently we are asking families if they would be willing to complete certain portions of the study over the phone in response to the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Your involvement will include a clinic visit, which will be scheduled at a later point in time, completing forms/questionnaires that will be mailed out, and 3 phone interviews to collect medical, mental health, and household exposure information.  The information you give will be kept strictly confidential and you can decline to answer any question that you don’t want to answer. Additionally, we will mail kits to collect some biological samples such as saliva, cheek swabs, and hair. 

Are both parents required to participate?

Although we would like both parents to participate in the ReCHARGE Study, it is not required. At a minimum, one parent and their child are required to attend the clinic visit.