Ashley Angeles

Ashley AngelesAssistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Ashley works with families who previously participated in ReCHARGE to complete our national study, ECHO. She is also responsible for recruitment and the coordinating of visits for both our Puberty and ReCHARGE studies.

Amanda Casillas

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Amanda’s primary responsibilities include enrolling families into our national study, ECHO, as well as recruiting families into the ReCHARGE Study. She also assists in scheduling families for their appointments, administering study questionnaires, and collecting and entering data.

Maze DuBoe

Lauren DuBoeAssistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Maze conducts phone interviews and in-person clinic visits for the ReCHARGE Study. They also recruit and enroll families to participate in ReCHARGE and ECHO, schedule participant appointments, assist with data entry, and help train new staff and student assistants.

Yuliett S. Olivas Gonzalez

Clinical Research Coordinator
Yuliett works closely with our Spanish speaking families who are participating in ReCHARGE and ECHO studies and guides them through the research process. She takes part in the recruitment of families for participation, scheduling appointments, conducting environmental exposure interviews, and following up with current participants. She also oversees the Grandparent Study, to expand on our research regarding genetics and the environment in relation to child development. Her role makes it possible to build community with our Spanish speaking families and participants.

Sergio Heredia

Sergio HerediaClinical Research Coordinator
Sergio coordinates and conducts in clinic appointments, recruits families to be a part of the ReCHARGE and ECHO studies, is actively involved in the enrollment process, is a point of contact for families to ask questions about participation, and conducts Grandparent interviews to expand on our research regarding genetics and the environment in relation to child development.  

Crystal Herrera

Crystal HerreraResearch Manager
Crystal received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in Spanish from UC Davis in 2005.   She has worked with UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences and the UC Davis MIND Institute for over ten years.  She oversees the research clinical team and the day-to-day operations of the ReCHARGE/ECHO Study.

Ashley Ratcliffe-Ikemiyagi

Research Supervisor
Ashley received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood from UC Davis in 2008.  She has worked with the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences and the CHARGE Study for over 12 years, before transitioning over the ReCHARGE.  She assists the Project Manager in overseeing the research team and the day-to-day operations of the study. She provides support to the research clinic team and tracks families progress through study protocols.

Alexis Morell

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Alexis is responsible for recruitment of families to participate in the ReCHARGE study, coordinating and scheduling appointments, and following up with families to guide them through the process of completing study forms. She also reaches out to the grandparents of participants, conducting study protocol and guiding them through the Grandparent Interviews to further research on genetic and environmental influences on development.

Justin Silvestre Nazareno Morillo

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Justin coordinates and conducts the environmental exposure phone interviews. His additional role in recruitment includes fielding questions about study, facilitating the enrollment process, and scheduling future appointments. Justin also assists in data entry.


Masa Pravdic

Masa PravdicClinical Research Coordinator
Masa works with families through each stage of their participation in our study, from recruitment and clinic scheduling, to administering assessments with child participants, and conducting medical history, mental health, and environmental exposures interviews with parents. She strives to create as positive, supportive, and meaningful an experience as possible for our families, both to express our gratitude for their participation, as well as to provide them with the reassurance that whatever challenges they may be facing, they do not have to do so alone!

DJ Rabang

Lab Assistant
DJ works in the laboratory documenting, processing, and storing various biological samples for ECHO and ReCHARGE.

Melissa Sandoval

Melissa SandovalClinical Research Coordinator
Melissa’s main responsibilities include enrolling new participants, coordinating clinic visits, administering study questionnaires and assessments, collecting and entering data. She serves as one of the primary contacts for participants and other study units we work with. She also ensures protocols are up-to-date, so clinic visits run smoothly and helps with the training of new staff and student assistants.

Tim Sullivan

Phlebotomy Technician
Tim works in the laboratory, processing, storing, and documenting all of the biological samples collected for ReCHARGE and ECHO, including blood, urine, saliva, hair, and more. He also preforms some of the blood draws.

Nancy Yang

Nancy YangAssistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Nancy manages the medical records department of the ReCHARGE study. She oversees the abstraction process of medical records and requesting medical records for all participants.


Susan Bacalman, L.C.S.W.
Brandi Chew, Ph.D.
Amanda Steiner, Ph.D.