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    UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Nationally Recognized Excellence

The UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is an accredited level 4 epilepsy center, acknowledging expertise in treating the most complex seizure disorders.

Specialized epilepsy diagnosis and treatment at UC Davis

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by reducing the frequency of seizures or curing them.

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain and nervous system that is typified by spontaneous, recurrent seizures. It is a debilitating and frustrating condition. If you have experienced more than one seizure, you may have epilepsy. Many of the more than 3 million Americans with epilepsy feel like they are living from one seizure to the next, continually worried about when the next one will strike.

Our comprehensive lifespan approach

The multidisciplinary team of specialists in the UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program have expertise in treating the most complex forms of epilepsy. We have the region’s most sophisticated complement of diagnostic and treatment equipment and the largest staff of epileptologists — specialists in treatment of epilepsy — and ours is Northern California’s only epilepsy program with a comprehensive lifespan approach. That’s important because the effects of epilepsy can change as a person ages.

Level 4 comprehensive epilepsy certification

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) has accredited UC Davis Health as a level 4 comprehensive epilepsy program, the highest designation available. Only facilities that are equipped with the most sophisticated intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring technology and that perform extensive medical, surgical, neuropsychological and psychosocial treatments for epilepsy and other seizure disorders earn NAEC level 4 designation.

If you have been seeing a general neurologist for three months or longer, but your seizures have not yet been brought under control, you should request a referral to an epileptologist at a specialized level 4 epilepsy center such as the UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. In its published guidelines, NAEC advises that delayed or denied referral may be detrimental to a patient’s health, safety and quality of life.

Patients most commonly come to UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program as a result of referral from their personal physician or neurologist. Some people have a health insurance plan that enables them to schedule a consultation on their own, under certain conditions.

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Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of epilepsy have improved significantly in recent decades, due to improved understanding of the mechanisms and management of seizures through medical and surgical treatment. Diagnosis and treatment can be complicated, so patient navigators from our Integrated Service Line team will help steer you along your path to a better quality of life.

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