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The Research Administration Team offers assistance to faculty members, enabling them to focus on their research endeavors. We provide comprehensive administrative and management support for the life cycle of the sponsored project. Research Administrators serve as the Principal Investigator’s first point of contact and act as liaisons between departments and collaborate with campus partners to oversee financial and accounting management for sponsored awards.

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Research Administrators

PI Research Administrator
Aboud, Orwa Debbie Betea
Agrawal, Shubhi Khine Win
Allen, Samantha Khine Win
Anaclet, Christelle Diana Roman
Ander, Bradley Diana Roman
Apperson, Michelle Khine Win
Benko, William Khine Win
Ben-Shalom, Roy Laura Raiford
Berman, Robert Danny Tennyson
Bissig, David Mai Dinh
Bloch, Orin Diana Roman
Brandman, David Laura Raiford
Brooks-Kayal, Amy Khine Win
Carmona-Mora, Paulina Diana Roman
Chen, Doris Danny Tennyson
Chan, Michelle Mai Dinh
Chechneva, Olga Debbie Betea
Cord, Branden Danny Tennyson
DeCarli, Charles Tracy Tonnu
Duffy, Alexandra "Sasha" Khine Win
Dugger, Brittney Mai Dinh
Fairclough, Robert Khine Win
Fan, Audrey Tracy Tonnu
Fink, Kyle Sean Bissing
Fuller, Patrick Diana Roman
Gonzalez Contreras, Marco Diana Roman
Guo, Fuzheng Laura Raiford
Gurkoff, Gene Debbie Betea
Harsh, Griffith Diana Roman
Izadi, Ali Debbie Betea
Fletcher, Evan Tracy Tonnu
Johnson, David Mai Dinh
Keenan, Kevin Diana Roman
Kennedy, Jeffrey Khine Win
Kim, Christina Laura Raiford
Kim, Kee Danny Tennyson
Lee-Way, Jin Tracy Tonnu
Lenaerts, Marc Khine Win
Lin, Jack Khine Win
Liu, Da Zhi Debbie Betea
Lyeth, Bruce Danny Tennyson
Marcu, Laura Diana Roman
Martin, Allan Danny Tennyson
Martin, Ryan Danny Tennyson
Maselli, Ricardo Laura Raiford
Maillard, Pauline Tracy Tonnu
Meyer, Oanh Tracy Tonnu
Mungas, Dan Mai Dinh
Napoli, Eleonora Khine Win
Ng, Kwan Khine Win
Olichney, John Danny Tennyson
Oyegbile-Chidi, Temitayo Khine Win
Pedersen, Nigel Laura Raiford
Pleasure, David Laura Raiford
Richman, David Khine Win
Rogawski, Michael Debbie Betea
Sadegh, Cameron Debbie Betea
Sapkota, Shraddha Tracy Tonnu
Shahlaie, Kiarash Danny Tennyson
Sharp, Frank Diana Roman
Snider, Jonathan Laura Raiford
Stamova, Boryana Diana Roman
Stavisky, Sergey Laura Raiford
Tomaszweski Farias, Sarah Mai Dinh
Toprani, Sheela Debbie Betea
Vitt, Jeffrey Danny Tennyson
Waldau, Ben Laura Raiford
Wang, Yan Laura Raiford
Weakley, Alyssa Mai Dinh
Wingo, Aliza Mai Dinh
Wingo, Thomas Mai Dinh
Whitmer, Rachel Tracy Tonnu
Wu, Chun-Yi "Jimmy" Debbie Betea
Yee, Alan Khine Win
Zhan, Xinhua Diana Roman
Zhang, Lin Khine Win
Zheng, Jie Debbie Betea
Zimmermann, Lara Danny Tennyson
Zolkowska, Dorota Debbie Betea

Clinical Research Management

Clinical Trials Staff (Neurological Surgery)

Basic Research Laboratory Management

  • Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor - Emily Doisy