Dr. Amy Yip

Working together, we’ve made UC Davis one of America’s premier public universities and UC Davis Health one of its top health systems!

So when it’s time to choose your health care, we hope you'll consider staying in the UC family – and select a plan that includes UC Davis Health or UC Davis Medical Group.

Choosing UC Davis Health for your care means providing exceptional prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for yourself and your loved ones.

We proudly offer patient centered-care at convenient primary care offices close to home and work, including locations in Davis, Midtown Sacramento and on UC Davis Health's Sacramento campus.

UC Davis assistant basketball coach Kevin Nosek and his family at the Davis clinic

Snapshot: Why we chose UC Davis Health

"We had a great experience delivering our son Derek at UC Davis Medical Center, and my OB was fabulous."

- Nicole Nosek, on why she and husband UC Davis assistant basketball coach Kevin Nosek chose UC Davis Health for their family’s care.

Volunteer passing out a pamphlet

To choose UC Davis Health, first select your health plan

To choose UC Davis Health for your family’s everyday care, first select a health plan that includes us:

  • UC Care
  • UC Blue & Gold HMO
  • UC Health Savings Plan
  • Core
  • Western Health Advantage
  • UC Medicare PPO
  • UC Medicare PPO without Prescription Drugs
  • UC High Option Supplement to Medicare
  • Health Net Seniority Plus

You will make any health care changes through At Your Service Online (atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu) and will need your password.

Dr. Eric Fernandez Garcia and little girl

Then, choose your UC Davis Health doctor

UC Davis Health primary care physicians offer personalized care for your needs, from routine to specialty services.

Our family medicine physicians, internists, pediatricians and obstetrician/gynecologists are accepting new patients. With 17 locations in 10 area communities, you'll have access to world-class care, conveniently located close to home or work.