UC Davis Otology and NeurotologyUC Davis has a very active program in otology/neurotology. All areas of otology are represented in our practices including the treatment of otosclerosis; chronic otitismedia; cholesteatoma; hearing loss; tumors involving the external, middle, and inner ears, acoustic neuromas, and other cerebellopontine angle tumors.

Our practices include cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing aids, and surgical correction of certain types of hearing loss. A team approach is utilized for the diagnosis and management of vertigo and in the cochlear implant program. The teams include physicians, audiologists, and physical therapists.

The division of audiology provides audiologic services including audiograms, auditory brainstem responses, and otoacoustic emissions as well as comprehensive vestibular testing which includes infrared electronystagmography, vestibular autorotation testing, and platform posturography. Complete hearing aid services are also provided within the clinic.