The UC Davis Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery welcomes you to join us for a one month acting internship in Sacramento.  We offer a comprehensive operative and clinical experience that will provide you with deep insight into what residency training will be like should you decide to pursue your postgraduate training here at UC Davis. 

At the start of your AI rotation, you will be integrated within our team quickly and will be working with patients and families on day one.  Come prepared to be actively engaged in all aspects of clinical care, from early morning pre-rounds, to daily team rounds, to scrubbing in to all surgical cases or seeing clinic patients daily.  Expect to assist our junior residents with all first call consults, preoperative evaluations, postoperative evaluations, and new patients work ups.  You will be paired with several of our faculty in faculty-run clinics and be expected to evaluate and present new patients in their clinics.  You will be scheduled to take overnight in-house call with our PGY-II and PGY-III residents.

During your AI rotation, you will have an opportunity to participate in several multidisciplinary treatment teams, including Head and Neck Tumor Board, Skull Base Conference, Cleft and Craniofacial Panel, Laryngology & Dysphagia Panel, and Pediatric Vascular Anomalies Panel, and Maxillofacial Trauma Panel. 

You will be expected to present a 30 minute comprehensive case presentation at our departmental Grand Rounds at the conclusion of your rotation.

Although your AI rotation with us will be quite busy, most AIs have found the time to also enjoy the scenic beauty that the Sacramento Valley and the surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills have to offer during their time here.  We hope that you find your rotation with us to be equally engaging, enriching, and rewarding.


Rodney C. Diaz, MD

Residency Program Director


UC Davis Visiting Elective Program

The UC Davis School of Medicine Office of Student and Resident Diversity offers the Visiting Elective Program (VEP) to medical students from around the country.  The VEP provides scholarship funding to 4th year medical students underrepresented in medicine and/or from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds who have been accepted into a visiting rotation at a UC Davis department and who have a strong interest in pursuing a residency in Northern California.

The Department of Otolaryngology works closely with the Office of Student and Resident Diversity to ensure that any interested applicants to the department receive all available assistance to ensure they can attend the UC Davis rotation. 

More information can be found at the Office of Student and Resident Diversity website:

Visiting Elective Program

or by contacting the UC Davis Office of Student and Resident Diversity: