At UC Davis Health we have a variety of services to assist our tracheostomy patients. We recognize that having a tracheostomy tube often represents a complicated overall health picture for patients so we strive to provide access to tracheostomy specific care to improve quality of life. We focus on access to appropriate follow up and support for tracheostomy self-care at home. Services include tracheostomy sizing, speaking options, eating and swallowing support, tracheostomy tube changes, short term and long term tracheostomy care, and complex tracheostomy patient management including custom tracheostomy tubes.

Please call the ENT Clinic to coordinate an appointment: 916-734-5400

Outpatient Tracheostomy Team

Associate Professor, Clinical Director 
UC Davis Center for Voice & Swallowing 
Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery

Elizabeth Gould, FNP-C, MSN, CORLN
Tracheostomy Team Coordinator
ENT and Tracheostomy CNS

Inpatient Tracheostomy Team - Respiratory Care Practitioners

Michelle Young, RRT, Director of Respiratory Care
Marc Bomactao, RRT, Clinical Education Coordinator for Respiratory Care
Laura Castellanos, RRT
Sean Enders, RRT
Justin Griffiths, RRT
Vanessa Hill, RRT
Tyler LeTellier, RRT
Carol Mason, RRT
David Messing, RRT