I am interested in carpooling but do not have a carpool partner. Can I be matched up with someone to carpool with? 

Yes. Please contact our TDM coordinator, Sarah Janus, for more information.  Email: stjanus@ucdavis.edu

Where can I park using a CP permit?

A CP2 permit can be used in any B lot or any available "CP- Carpool Parking Only" stall . A CP3 permit (issued to carpools with three or more participants) may parking in any available "CP3- Carpool Parking Only", "CP-Carpool Parking Only" or B lot.

Where are the CP and CP3 stalls located?

These stalls are currently located in lot 12, 18 and 21.

I have a D Permit and I want to carpool. Can I keep my D Permit?

Yes. Deductions can be split where both carpoolers pay half the D Permit cost per month. However, the Rideshare permit would have to be utilized in a B lot if either one of the D Permit holders has to drive in alone. 

What if I have to drive in alone? 

One of the benefits of being in a registered carpool is that you get might qualify for up to (24) 1-Day Green Commuter Permits that could be used in the event that you have to drive alone. This permit will allow you to park in any B lot.

Where on the Davis Campus can I use a CP permit?

You can park on the Davis Campus in an “A” space with a UC Davis Medical Center CP permit.

Can I receive a subsidy if I am only in a vanpool part time?

No. Currently only full time vanpool riders receive the $65 monthly subsidy.

What is a vanpool?

Vanpools are cost-effective for groups of six or more commuters who travel traditionally more than 15 miles each way. Drivers and passengers follow a route and schedule they decide upon together.

How can I join an existing or start a new vanpool?

Contact the TDM Coordinator, for information about seats available in existing vanpools and for any information or assistance in creating a new vanpool.

Do I need to license my bike in order to get access to any of the bike cages or lockers?


What is the “Refundable Deposit” for bike cage access?

To gain access to bike cage or locker – you must leave a refundable deposit at the Parking Office. The deposit amount is either $10 or $20, depending on the cage you are requesting access to. Should you no longer need access, you can return the access key or card to the Parking Office. After the key is returned, you will be issued a refund for the amount you paid.

Is a bicycle license required by law?

All bikes operated on the UC Davis Medical Center campus must have a current California bike license. The city of Sacramento has no mandatory bike license ordinance, however registration is required in many California cities and college campuses. Licenses purchased through Parking Services are valid anywhere licenses are required throughout California.

Why should I license my bike?

Besides being required on campus, bike registration has proven very effective in recovering stolen and missing bikes. The University Police department has a much higher recovery rate of stolen bikes than probably any other law enforcement agency in the state. A primary reason for this is the high level of registration in Davis. A bike license can also serve as a means of identifying bike accident victims, particularly in the case of children who carry no form of identification.

How does bike licensing improve my chances of getting my stolen bike back?

By licensing your bike, it becomes entered into a state-wide system of identification, recovery and notification. When you file a police report about the stolen bike, be sure to mention the license. Even if you lose your copy of the registration receipt, Parking Services will have the license and serial numbers available for you to provide to local police. The police are then able enter this information into a state-wide database of stolen bikes.

How far may I live from the Sacramento campus to qualify as a walker?

You must live within 1 mile to qualify as a walker.

Can I get a discounted monthly RT pass and still retain my parking permit?

Yes, but you will not qualify for any Green Commuter benefits.

What other transit passes are available directly through the Parking and Transportation Office?

At this time only Sacramento RT passes can be purchased through the office.

I use transit, but not RT. What subsidy is available?

There is a $65 subsidy available towards all monthly transit passes, regardless of the operator. The $65 subsidy will be issues in the form of Commuter Checks that can be used to pay for the monthly pass you require.

How do I access the Emergency Ride Home program?

It can be access through Sacramento Region 511 (www.sacregion511.org). You must first be registered in the Commuter Club as a Green Commuter in order to access this benefit.

How many rides do I get a year?

All Green Commuters registered with Sacramento Region 511 (www.sacregion511.org) can get up to 5 "emergency rides home" a year, for qualifying emergencies.

What qualifies as an emergency?

  • An immediate family member has an emergency
  • A serious problem arises at your child's school or daycare
  • Fire or burglary damages your home
  • You are sick and can't wait for your normal ride home
  • Your carpool or vanpool partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home
  • Unscheduled, supervisor-approved overtime
  • Your commute bicycle broke down today and can not be repaired at your work site.
  • Unexpected severe weather is preventing you from cycling or walking home after work today.

What does NOT qualify as an emergency?

  • Personal errands
  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Building evacuations
  • Business travel
  • Job related injuries
  • A natural disaster (floods)
  • Transit problems (the transit provider is responsible for providing another bus or train)
  • Missed bus, carpool or vanpool ride home
  • Other reasons deemed invalid by program administrator.