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Medical Genetics and Genomics Residency


The main emphasis is on acquisition of knowledge and insight in general principles of General Genetics and Biochemical Genetics. Residents participate in a wide variety of clinic opportunities including - General Genetics Clinics, Biochemical Genetics, NF/Ras Pathway, Craniofacial, Cardiovascular Genomics, Ocular Genomics, Precision Genomics, and rotates on the inpatient service at UC Davis Children's Hospital. Learners begin to develop critical skills in medical knowledge/care/management and the differential diagnosis, systems-based practice, communication skills/professionalism/team practice, and practice-based learning and improvement.

The beginning of year two, the learner will have the basic fund of knowledge and practice to begin gaining autonomy in decision-making. By the second half of Year 2, the residents will have a solid knowledge base to independently formulate a differential diagnosis and manage the care of hospital-based patients. Elective clinics available to the resident including Neuromuscular Disease, Fragile X , 22q11 deletion syndrome and Huntington Disease.

  • Presenter at podium displays medical photos on large screen while audience watches.

    Genomic Medicine Clinical Rounds

    Weekly, multidisciplinary CME educational event designed to enhance provider practice and knowledge of Genomic Medicine. Participants will be kept abreast of topics in the rapidly changing field of clinical genomics through discussion of known and novel genetic/genomic conditions, clinical cases, next generation diagnostic genomic testing, treatment, therapies, and research.

  • Attendees watch Grand Rounds presentation.

    UC Davis Human Genomics Seminar Series

    Monthly, CME web-connected lecture series on various topics of Human Genomics. It serves as a forum for all learners, clinical and basic sciences, at both UC Davis Campuses.

  • Many attendees in very large conference with people sitting at desks with monitors.

    UC Davis Annual Human Genomics Symposium

    CME Symposium including the basic sciences, veterinary medicine human disease modeling, clinical translation, and clinical aspects of Human Genomics and Genomic Medicine. Participants include clinical and basic sciences personnel at both Campuses, and attendees from the Northern California region (including UCSF, Stanford, Kaiser, Cal State Stanislaus GC students, and physicians and GCs from Children’s Hospital Madera).

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Madelena Martin, M.D.

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