2021-2022 Pediatric Residents

Chief Residents

Ajjya Acharya, M.D.


Undergraduate: Arizona State University
Medical School: University of Arizona - Tucson 

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?
I chose Davis because I'm incredibly impressed by the work being done at the MIND Institute, and I met some of the nicest and most inspiring residents and faculty at this program.

Clinical Area of Interest: Child Psychiatry, Developmental Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine

Hobbies: Dance, running, exploring local restaurants, stumbling through YouTube videos, making lifestyle changes for a month, taking dares too seriously.

Christina O’Neal, M.D.


Undergraduate: Stanford University Medical School: Tulane University

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?
I chose UC Davis because it was the perfect balance of everything I was looking for! Small/medium program size, an academic name with a big community focus, and incredibly diverse patient population. On top of that the residents and faculty were warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home right away!

Clinical Area of Interest: General outpatient care, Pulmonology (CF)

Hobbies: Pineapple growing, bar trivia, traveling

2020-2021 Pediatric Residents

Chief Residents

Jessica Huang, M.D.


Undergraduate: CUNY Brooklyn College
Medical School: University of Vermont College of Medicine


Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?
I honestly felt at home when I interviewed at UC Davis. I had very stimulating conversations with my interviewers and felt that I would have many opportunities and support to pursue my professional and personal interests. I jived with the residents and my fellow interviewees and overall just thought that I would be very happy while getting an excellent training.

Clinical Area of Interest: Pediatric critical care

Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, dancing, rock-climbing/ bouldering, yoga, reading

Caroline Wang, M.D., M.B.A.


Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Medical School: Drexel University, College of Medicine

Why did you choose the UC Davis Residency Program?
On my interview day, I loved how friendly and amazing the residents and faculty all were! The size of the program and diversity of the community were perfect for me. Sacramento is also the ideal location – not too big of a city, family nearby, the weather is great, and there’s so much to do around the area!

Clinical Area of Interest: Pediatric emergency medicine

Hobbies: Bouldering, hiking, acrylic painting, playing board games, horseback riding, martial arts, rowing

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