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Residency Program Leadership

  • Su-Ting Li, M.D., M.P.H.

    Program Director

    I believe the best care involves collaborating with the patient, family, and our health care team to provide family-centered, evidence-based care.

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  • Kelly Haas, M.D.

    Associate Program Director

    As a pediatric gastroenterologist, I enjoy building a partnership with my patients, their families and other members of their health care team in order to work together to improve his or her health over time.
    I understand families are often quite worried and overwhelmed by the time they come to see me for evaluation. I strive to provide evidence-based care rooted in the medical literature. I am honored to have the opportunity to guide my patients and their families through the diagnostic and treatment journey.

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  • Laura Kester Prakash, M.D., M.P.H.

    Associate Program Director

    As an adolescent medicine sub-specialist, Dr. Laura Kester Prakash is deeply passionate about the care and health of her adolescent and young adult patients. Adolescence is a period of substantial physical, psychological, cognitive, and moral development. During this time of significant transition where young people grow, discover, and experience new and exciting, and also face very challenging experiences, Dr. Kester Prakash believes in developing personalized care plans that are tailored to her patients' physical, psychological, social, and developmental needs. Dr. Kester Prakash is dedicated to working with her patients to ensure they are building health behaviors that promote them transitioning into thriving and resilient young adults.

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  • Lisa Rasmussen, M.D.

    Associate Program Director

    UC Davis Pediatrics provided me the opportunity to experience global health first hand and learn more about global health research during my two one-month rotations in Roatán, Honduras. My co-resident and I were thankful to have excellent mentorship by Dr. Herlihy and Dr. Chantry who helped us with a research project to improve exclusive breastfeeding in Roatán, Honduras using educational text messages and videos. I am very thankful for this enriching experience through the UC Davis Global Health Program.

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  • Mitch Ratanasen, M.D.

    Associate Program Director

    Pediatric medicine exemplifies the physician I aspire to be, blessing me with the opportunity to pursue my passion as a health provider, educator, and mentor. It allows me to work with patients and their families where I can help guide them through all stages of growing up, from the challenges of newly found parenthood to educating young individuals on how to take responsibility of their health as they transition to adulthood.
    I am passionate about providing medical care for all of my patients and parents so that they can feel truly comforted and supported by a physician who is willing to listen to all of their concerns and help address their needs. I strongly believe in promoting overall wellness through patient-centered health care and incorporating shared decision making.
    I am forever grateful for the role models and mentors in my life who molded me into the person I am today, and I hope to have the same impact upon future generations as a dedicated and proud pediatrician.

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Chief Residents

  • Christina Callas, M.D.

    Christina Callas, M.D.

    Chief Resident

    I choose UC Davis because I loved the more intimate program, and I was struck by how close the residents and faculty were on my interview day. Everyone I met was excited to be at Davis, and I knew this would be an amazing place to learn to be a great pediatrician and advocate for my future patients. Sacramento also felt like the perfect place to do residency--easy access to outdoor activities, great food scene, and close to my partner's family.

  • Alisha Mathalikunnel, M.D.

    Alisha Mathalikunnel, M.D.

    Chief Resident

    I was looking for a smaller program that was academic but also community focused, where the residents had autonomy but with good faculty support, and with interesting opportunities outside of the wards like advocacy and community health. On interview day, I loved my interactions with the friendly and funny residents, faculty, and staff. The pre-interview dinner was the most fun of all interview season. I also love Sacramento and am happy to be close to my home in the bay area. After interviewing at the program, it was clear that it would be a perfect fit for me.

Residency Program Staff

  • Laurel Sorensen

    Laurel Sorensen

    Residency Program Manager

  • Mari Delgadillo

    Mari Delgadillo

    Assistant Coordinator

  • Maura Reilly, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    Maura Reilly, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    Community Health & Advocacy

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