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Technology-Mediated Health


Research Projects

Research in the TASC lab is focused on technology-mediated health and human development, human-robot interaction, telehealth, virtual inclusion, human-computer interaction, and emerging interactive health technologies.

  • Pediatric patient uses robot and screen to talk to classmates

    Connectedness and Inclusion Through Robot-Mediated Learning

    We explore advanced robot-mediated learning in schools and investigate how co-robots (robots intended to interact with humans in a shared space) can facilitate optimal learning and developmental experiences.

    Verónica Ahumada, Ph.D., is the principal investigator of a $1 million dollar National Science Foundation, National Robotics Initiative grant, Robot-Mediated Learning: Exploring School-Deployed Collaborative Robots for Homebound Children, to create better robots for children who are restricted to their homes due to medical conditions or disabilities.

  • Doctor holds out hand with hologram robotic arms.

    Robot-Facilitated Patient Care and Social Inclusion

    In collaboration with UC San Diego and UC Los Angeles, we are exploring ways that health care workers can use robots to safely treat patients with COVID-19 and other infectious medical conditions.

    Verónica Ahumada, Ph.D., is a co-principal investigator on a $1.2 million University of California, Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives project, Robot-facilitated Health Equity in Post-Pandemic California and Beyond, to create telemanipulation robots for healthcare worker safety and social inclusion of individuals who are at high risk of infection.

    This project is funded by the 2021 UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives competition.

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We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of researchers and welcome other researchers interested in technology-mediated health and human development, especially as it relates to the role of social connectedness for improved health and behavioral outcomes.

If you interested in this type of research, please feel free to reach our lab by email, sharing your research interests and expertise.

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