Veronica Ahumada, Ph.D.

Verónica Ahumada, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Health Informatics and Human-Robot Interaction

Dr. Verónica Ahumada is an assistant professor of Health Informatics and Human-Robot Interaction in the School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics at the University of California, Davis. She is the director of the Technology and Social Connectedness (TASC) lab housed in UC Davis Health’s Center for Health and Technology. Ahumada's work is focused on the use of telerobots and interactive technologies for improved health and developmental outcomes. Her transdisciplinary research encompasses strong collaborations in medicine, health informatics, robotics, computer science, learning sciences, and the technology industry.


Monica Landeros, M.F.A.

Monica Landeros, M.F.A.

Research Associate

Monica Landeros, M.F.A., is an artist and educator who resides in the Los Angeles area. With over twenty years of experience as a professional in arts and education, she brings to the TASC lab expertise in sculpture, embodiment, museums, and contemporary art as well as pedagogical knowledge to help lead our efforts in community-based, inclusive design. Her passion for the research stems from her belief that art and science are uniquely rooted in experimentation—both are centered in efforts to understand and communicate human knowledge, experiences, and perceptions. When integrated, science and art can be powerful tools for bringing people and environments together in new, creative, and impactful ways.

Lani Sanz, Graduate Student Researcher

Lani Sanz

Graduate Student Researcher

Lani Sanz obtained her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a minor degree in Linguistics in June 2016. In 2018 Lani obtained a master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics and decided to pursue a doctoral degree in Applied Linguistics, which she is expecting to obtain in 2023. She has been teaching Spanish classes at UC Davis since 2016, and at Solano Community College since 2018.

Erin, Summer Intern

Erin Taylor

Undergraduate Researcher

Erin is a second-year bioengineering major with an emphasis in computer science at UCLA. She hopes to bridge her interest in the creation of biomedical and the societal implications of the devices. She is an avid dog lover and enjoys beach volleyball.

Francesca, Summer Intern

Francesca Johnson

Undergraduate Researcher

Francesca is a UC Davis Graduate with a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a Minor in Comparative Literature. She has dreams of being a physician and hopes to continue progressing the field of social robotics. Her favorite color is green and is always taking book recommendations.