The Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences was established in 2017 and is one of nearly 100 Graduate Groups at UC Davis.  It offers MPH and PhD degrees, and includes approximately 50 faculty members from across schools and departments who teach courses and mentor students.  The Office of Graduate Studies acknowledges the distinctive approach to graduate education at UC Davis that involves graduate groups, rather than departmentally based programs.  The interdisciplinary  membership of the Graduate Groups promotes “…shared research interests among faculty and students, flexibility to grow and quickly change to reflect emerging areas of interdisciplinary knowledge and technology, and an acceptance that many research questions transcend traditional academic departmental boundaries.”

Masters in Public Health
The UCD MPH program is designed for people interested in disease prevention and community health. Students can earn their MPH degree in epidemiology or general public health. The program includes instruction in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, health services and administration, and social and behavioral science, and prepares students for an expanding range of professional opportunities and roles in public health and medicine.

Doctorate in Public Health
As part of this new doctoral degree program in Public Health Sciences at UC Davis,  you will become a highly educated public health research professional prepared for leadership in governmental public health agencies, community-based public health organizations, and academic health centers. This research training will enable you to create innovative, evidence-based approaches to meet critical future societal health needs, particularly those of diverse populations. Students will also receive mentoring and experience teaching to educate the next generation of academic public health professionals and leaders in their field.