The hallmark of our residency training program is our integration of clinical excellence combined with cutting edge mental health research. We have the best of both worlds with a long standing commitment to community mental health service and the resources and innovation of a large academic center.  

Our educational goal is to train leaders and educators in psychiatry who are equipped to provide the highest quality of patient care, to be leaders and innovators of systems of care and to train future generations of psychiatrists. Our faculty are committed to this educational process and bring the necessary depth and diversity to the education and supervision of our trainees.  

Abundant opportunities are provided for residents to maximize their professional development through research, scholarship, advocacy and health equity initiatives. We strive to give each resident a balanced and nuanced training experience by providing opportunities for each resident to pursue specific areas of interests. Residents have the opportunity to pursue elective interests starting from the PGY2 year. At the same time, a number of educational opportunities are offered for those with specific interests in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, Forensics Psychiatry, Global Mental Health, Research, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training and Public Psychiatry.  

We believe our training program is the best in the region due to the high quality of our residents and faculty, the emphasis on education in our department, and the preservation of all aspects of clinical psychiatry in the training of our residents. There is room for everyone regardless of interests, from psychotherapy to high-tech brain imaging to health equity and beyond. If you are interested in high quality training in a family-like atmosphere, check us out. 

Alan Koike, M.D.
Training Director
Emilie Bhe, M.D.
Associate Training Director
Poh Choo How M.D. Ph.D.
Associate Training Director