Peyronie’s disease is a condition defined by the finding of scarring inside the penile tissue. The scarring usually involves the thick rind of tissue (tunica albuginea) that surrounds the erectile bodies (2) of the penis. Patients can also have scarring inside the spongy tissue of the penis. In our clinic, we typically see those patients who have a curvature of the penis as a result of scarring. It is unclear how common this condition is with estimates anywhere from 5 to 12 % of all men.

Peyronie’s Disease
Ultrasound image showing a cross-section of a penis with visible scar tissue (bright white).

Although curvature of the penis is common in Peyronie’s disease, it is not present in all patients. However, the scarring, even if not associated with curvature, can lead to progressive problems with erections and a shortening of the penis. In our experience, Peyronie’s disease is frequently present with erectile dysfunction. It may be that the erectile dysfunction lead to micro-trauma of the penis as one is attempting intercourse with less than ideal erections.

Treatment options depend on the patient’s goals and current abilities to have successful satisfactory intercourse. The ultimate goal is to improve the condition enough to resume normal, pain-free, sexual activity. Treatments include the use of traction devices which includes vacuum erection device, injectable medications such as Xiaflex in an attempt to soften the scar tissue and regain some elasticity, and surgical options such as plication and penile implant insertion. It should be noted that those patients with significant erectile dysfunction are probably best served by the insertion of a penile implant as this addresses both problems. Our clinic can help you in finding the ideal treatment option for your situation.