Sexual problems are not only limited to problems with erections. Premature and delayed ejaculation are common concerns we see in our clinic. Premature ejaculation can be defined as ejaculation that is too soon, that is, not satisfactory for patient or partner. The time that defines premature ejaculation is obviously very subjective. A normal time to ejaculation for one person can be too short or too long to another. Furthermore, patients can have this condition since their first experience (lifelong) or could have developed it over time (acquired). Most patients and professional societies agree however that ejaculating within one minute of penetration is distressful for most. On the opposite end of ejaculation disorders is delayed ejaculation. Again, the time that defines “delayed” (except when patient is not able to ejaculate at all) is very subjective and patients can have lifelong or acquired forms. It is common for patients with acquired forms to have erectile dysfunction. It is typically easier to treat this type of patient as fixing erections typically leads to resolution of the problem. Regardless of the condition Dr. Clavijo can help determine if there is a physical or hormonal reason for the problem and help guide to the appropriate treatment option.